Saturday, February 11, 2012

3 months later, pics from Ale's wedding!

My friend Ale got married in October, and since I wasn't on Facebook, I didn't see her wedding pics she finally posted! I ended up signing on my mom's Facebook to look at Ale's wedding pics. I promise that was it. She doesn't have that many Facebook friends anyways. I wanted to especially make sure Ale hadn't posted any absolutely horrible pictures of me on her wedding album(s) because her wedding day was like one of my worst feeling days. I was running on very little sleep. I was pale. I was fat. and I was having a bad hair day. And I was wearing new shoes and my feet were killing me! It was just not a good-feeling day. {All happy-for-Ale feelings aside! Love you Ale! haha} BUT- here's some pics from her special day in October!
Bride & Groom in a PERFECT Autumn setting <3

Ale, her bridesmaids, & her chocos wedding shoes!

Lincolnton girls <3

Bridesmaids in our monogrammed sweatshirts - MUCH comfier!

Alex joined me at the reception :)

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