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30 Blogs in 30 Days: Day 4: 10 Things I Would Say to my 16-Year-Old Self

This is a pretty interesting one!

Hmm... let's see... what was I doing when I was 16???

In September of 2003, I was starting my junior year of high school, so "16" was basically my junior year & the summer after.

Alex and I were on and off {of course} and I had some pretty great times with some pretty great friends.

Here's some random pics from my 16-year-old days...

Golfing with Alex for his 18th birthday

"Fab 4" night of trouble... 
There's a funny story that goes with the picture above.
I will sum it up with a Facebook photo comment from Summer (2nd from the right):
"hahahahahahahaha...i still can see you flipping out of the back of the truck..hahaha...and the car coming and you almost getting ran over...i thought you were dead...but of course im glad you're ok and everything but you know that was the funniest thing ever when you look back on" 
Good times, y'all, good times...

My 16th Birthday... at Hooters after the football game, lol
Oh you know, riding around ;) Taking pictures...
With that old Nokia phone- everyone who was cool had one ;) 

Junior Girls Christmas Party at my house

Christmas dance
I was in a "bold" phase

Homecoming Pep Rally with Alex
Look how young & skinny we were!

Softball girlies :) 

When you want a specific tan line, you wear 2 bathing suits.
You can do that when you're skinny.

My future college roomie!! Who knew?! :)

My twinsie, Meredith
I definitely just scrounged through my old Webshots account and whatever is left of my Facebook pictures from this "era" and reminisced for about an hour. {Way to be productive, Nicole!} 

Oh, yeah....10 things I would tell my 16-year-old self.... 
  1. You've got it, so flaunt it! You will start taking Depo-Provera next year, and your body will never like you again. 
  2. I know you think you're overweight, but YOU. ARE. NOT. You can't compare your body to your peers' bodies. You wanna compare it to something? Compare it to your OWN body, 8 years later. You'll think twice and want to wear bikinis everywhere you go! 
  3. Your hair was cute short. But at some point, please let it grow long.
  4. You look beautiful without a ton of makeup! 
  5. You're going to have fun. Things are going to get crazy. Live it up. You'll grow more cautious later. 
  6. When Alex gets super controlling and psycho on you, don't call him. "It's meant to be," so don't call him. He'll act like he won't miss you, because he's young and big and bad, but do your own things. He'll miss you a lot. And he'll be a much better man eight years later, so, do what you've gotta do. 
  7. Realize how lucky you are. You're surrounded by so many awesome things, memories, and people! Not everyone's so lucky.
  8. Hoes before bros. 
  9. Learn how to study, PLEASE. And get better grades. You're too smart to get lower grades just because you're lazy. 
  10. Family is important too. 

Stay tuned for Day 5: Five Things That Make You Most Happiest Right Now

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  1. I so should have put the love your body and enjoy being skinny or however you worded that:)


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