Sunday, August 19, 2012

"What's up? Nothing much..."

This isn't going to be a long post, but I feel like I should update!

Guess how many things we've figured out & got set in stone! Still z-e-r-o. I know who I want to be my photographer, but we haven't set a date, or anything else for that matter, so I'm not 100% sure she'll be free that day. Fingers crossed!

Also, can I just say that guest list dra-ma is not what I want to be doing on a Saturday afternoon? :) It was funny from time to time because Alex and our friends Derek & Danae are always good for some laughs, but in all honesty, I want all who I hold dear, as well as those who I enjoy their presence at my our wedding! So does Alex! But, the sickening truth is, unless we're going to charge a cover charge at the door, we have a problem. Every bride has to go through this. I mean, every bride I've talked to, because no one I know has it like that where they're able to invite 500+ people {except one but that's a rare exception}. Bluh! Just fill my time being engaged with growing closer spiritually and emotionally to my fiance, spending time with friends, laughs, good times, memories, good pictures, good food, and a couple nice presents if you really really want to and I will be set! None of this awkward, sad thinking and having to cut people from a guest list. No thank you!

And I'm officially going to stop updating people with the thoughts running through my head. Why? Because I annoy myself so I know I'm annoying others! ;) First its outside in October, then its April, then its May, then its November, then its May again. But it can't be May or Alex will melt, so it's got to be inside now. You catch my drift? Annoying. And the last thing I want to be is an annoying bride, so, stop me if you catch me being annoying! ;) Please!

And can I give a shout-out to my amazing girlfriends?! They've been there since day one, giving me ideas, offering to help in any way, watching me bounce off the walls, reassuring me it's all going to be okay, and just being super fabulous friends to me. {You know who you are!} And can I give a shout-out to my man? He's totally putting a smile on his face and letting me drag him through this journey with me. He's not complaining {too much} and most of the time when he is it's in a joking manner. And we're doing daily devotionals, really working on growing our relationship spiritually so we're {more} prepared for this thing called "married life" and working on getting better at praying with and for each other! I love that that's a priority for him & that he wants to make God the center of our relationship/future marriage.

That's really all I wanted to say. But yeah, just kidding about the "this isn't going to be a long post" thing. :)

When I know something, I'll let ya know! Until then, I start my new job this week so.. wish me luck!!!

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