Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bridal Showcase Success

So, for the longest time, I've been telling Alex I wanted to go to a bridal show. I know they only come around twice a year, or, this one specific one does, and I've been talking about it for a looong time. I've been fussing about it for a long time too because I just KNEW that Alex was going to propose after the August show & by the time the January show came around, I'd either be married or already planned everything. And I have always sworn that I wasn't going to a bridal show {for myself} without a ring on my finger. And for good reason! They're going to ask you a million times when your date is, and look for your ring, and all that, so, yeah, I just wasn't doing it.

Well, today I got my chance!! Alex had perfect timing all along, ;) haha.. and I was able to go to The Bridal Showcase in Charlotte, NC today with my mom and Alex's mom! We had such a good time walking around, talking to people, eating desserts, and getting ideas & getting INFORMED...

Man oh man oh man... I wish I would have counted up all the info I got today. Actually, scratch that. No I don't. That would be an annoying pointless task BUT this picture basically sums it up! I got all this info today, the rose {haha} and a t-shirt! I also set up 2 appointments to go try on bridal gowns in September! Woohoo!! I feel productive!! No more bad bride-to-be for me! :) Today was definitely worth the gas up there & the $12 ticket!

And, the best thing is is that I got "my experience" I was wanting!! I just wanted to do what all the other brides were doing have done! :) So, thank you Alex, for proposing two weeks ago, or else I would have been SO mad when I found out the bridal show was this weekend & I had to miss it again!! Haha

Ohh the joys of being a bride-to-be! :)

PS- Shout out to my friends Jessie & Hayden on their ENGAGEMENT! Love is in the air! ;) I'm so glad I can wedding plan with a{nother} friend of mine! So fun!

Can y'all tell I'm getting more excited about this?? Now I just have to nail down a venue & a date! But I worked on that tonight as well so... stay tuned!! ;)


  1. Love your blog and your excitement! Found your blog through Leah Krohn Wiley on FB, My husband and I are wedding photographers in Hickory that shoot all over NC/SC and the entire US. Check us out and give us a call we have some great promos going on for 2013, let me know if you want our information.
    All Smiles,
    Monica Reid

  2. Awesome!! So glad you had a lot of fun!! I see my business card and price sheet in that lovely pile!! :)

    Let me know if I can be of ANY assistance to you and Alex! And once again Congratulations on your engagement!!

    Carline Marie Photography


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