Saturday, August 4, 2012

A bad bride-to-be!

So, I used to feel like a horrible blogger because I was slackin' on the blogging. Now I feel like a bad bride-to-be because it's been 2 weeks since Alex & I got engaged & ask me how many things I've figured out. ONE. Who I'm going to marry. That. Is. It. ...Seriously!

First it was October.. then Alex decided to wait until the end of July to propose ;) .. so now we're I'm thinking April.. but then I find perfect places that would be beautiful in Autumn & I start thinking November.. so I can't even nail down a MONTH.

And don't get me started on venues. Wedding venues are outrageous! If you're going to charge me quadruple-digits, offer something other than a roof over my head & a parking lot. Please.

Small budgets are the worst when planning weddings but the good thing is, it keeps you grounded. I'm not able to say "I'll take one of this, and one of that." I'm being super "picky" because I have to make every dollar count. I think that's a good thing! Simple + pretty is what my wedding will be. And there ain't nothin' wrong with that! ;)

I have been super blessed so far with the fact that I have great friends who are offering to help me brainstorm, come up with ideas, and giving me their 2 cents.. all of which have been welcome thus far! ;) I've never gotten married before, so I don't know what all there is to know. I welcome any and all suggestions, ideas, and advice you've got!

I'm excited about figuring things out.
I'm excited about The Bridal Showcase tomorrow in Charlotte.
And I'm excited that every day that passes is one day I'm closer to marrying my best friend!

I think it'll all come together in time. I may or may not know a wedding month before Christmas. But it'll all come together.

I do know this...
I don't need to freak out.
I don't need to stress out.
I don't need to rush through things.
I don't need to overwhelm myself.
I need to take my time, make good decisions, and take it all in because I'll never be a bride-to-be again!
I'm excited about sharing this season with my fiance, friends, & family and am looking forward to our big day!!

PS: I spent quite a bit of time repinning all my wedding-related pins into different boards so I didn't have 350+ pins about 10 different things all in one board to make me cross my eyeballs. Check out my new boards & Follow me on Pinterest! :)

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