Saturday, October 6, 2012

Paper & Dresses

So, call me crazy, but I got SUPER excited when I found a font for my wedding "paper!" I keep calling it "wedding paper" because I don't know what else to call it. I plan on designing and creating my own save the dates, programs, invitations, all that.. so, when I say "wedding paper" that's what I mean. Anyways, I found the MOST PERFECT font EVER and can't wait to see all of its fabulousness on all our wedding paper! And it was a free font I found to download! You can't get much more amazing than that.

Next up on the agenda is ordering my dress and finding bridesmaids dresses that aren't too bridesmaidsy. I'd love any suggestions for inexpensive dresses that could be worn post-wedding! Oh... I got SO excited because one of my favorite radio personalities, Taylor Strecker, replied to one of my tweets to her! I asked her for a recommendation for a store that sold dresses that could double as a bridesmaid dress, and she replied back to let me know about Chloe and Reese. Well Chloe and Reese, you aren't in my price range. I know I'm not the one buying the bridesmaid dress, but, I'm not trying to make my bffs pay a ton of money "just because."

Do you suggest me search anywhere in particular? I'd love some suggestions! :)

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  1. Hi Nicole!

    My mother and I own Chloe & Reese....we always discount bridal parties! We know how pricey it can get for the girls but we make sure we work with a reasonable budget so the girls don't break the bank.
    And also...Since we do custom dresses, my experience working with each bridesmaid is how much they are willing to raise their price range when they see how we make each dress especially for them...lots of brides are letting the girls pick whatever dress they want as long as the color and fabric are all in sync with each other (example: Charlotte's wedding on Sex and the City) We are not the generic bridal shop and all 100% of the brides and bridal parties we have worked closely with were amazed and happy with the end product. A majority of the girls ACTUALLY DO WEAR THEIR CUSTOM DRESS AFTER THE BIG EVENT. Support your country ladies! made in the USA with heart and pride! HAPPY WEDDING! love and laughter, Sam xo


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