Sunday, October 31, 2010

20 random facts!

I got this idea from my cute friend Maggie, and I'm bored, afraid to go to sleep because I know SOMEthing crazy will go down tonight in my building when my "crazies" {formerly called freshmen residents} return from their Halloween partying, so... here are 20 RaNdOm facts you probably don't care to know about me, but will learn anyways! :)
  1. My Godson was born! Welcome to the world Corbin Blake Jervis! I can not WAIT to meet you!
  2. I am absolutely LOVING my practicum at Maiden High School. I would love to work there in the future.
  3. I have a fear of being an elementary or middle school counselor. Lord, please provide me a position in a high school!!
  4. I have been listening to non-stop Taylor Swift since I bought her new CD Monday
  5. Buying that CD was the first CD I have purchased since middle school
  6. I don't love love love the songs AS much since reading this article {but that obviously hasn't kept me from listening}. Now some of my favorite songs I believe were written to total toolbags who don't deserve her time of day.  :/
  7. My dog, Baby, got a haircut Friday and I swear it made her look like she lost 5 lbs.
  8. Baby's also probably going to flunk out of our dog training class at PetSmart
  9. I can't paint my own nails to save my life.
  10. Alex and I have been going to high school football games on Friday night and I have to admit, I've enjoyed it. :) 
  11. I believe November will be way better than October! 
  12. I know I'm "young" but I am an old soul :)
  13. I don't want Winter to start! But when it does, that'll mean I'm so so close to be done with classes!
  14. Next semester might kill me. (I think I say that every semester...but I mean it this time)
  15. I wish I had a sister.
  16. I want a Dyson Animal Ball vacuum cleaner so so bad. I hate my vacuum cleaner. 
  17. I'm going to miss watching Teen Mom and Jersey Shore with Maria. Don't fear though... we will move on to 16 & Pregnant.
  18. I really really really really really need to devote an entire day to school work I've been avoiding!
  19. I have a 4.0 GPA in graduate school. I'm proud of myself.
  20. I wonder every day where I'll be come August 2011. May 2011 really.... Lord, show me!

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  1. I LOVE her new cd!!! I also purchased it the day it come out!!! She is my girl crush. haha! I believe Enchanted will be her next big hit.


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