Monday, November 1, 2010

A must-read preemie journal

So, my ever so fabulous friend, Caroline is assisting me in my efforts to get my act together and participate in this semester's "crunch time" by changing my Facebook password! That's right. It's No Shave Facebook November! {We'll see} But for now, I'm approaching 24 hours without it, was informed I could easily reset my password {thanks Jamie, but I'll pretend you didn't say that}, and getting work done! {which is good because I have a LOT of it to do} .. Stay tuned for my progress! I should start taking bets on how long I'll last! Somebody should have cut my cable off....then I'd REALLY get a move on! Just sayin'.

Let the countdown continue: 36ish more days until the end of the semester!
Praise/Help me, Jesus! 

Now, LISTEN UP!!! (Here comes the point of this post....)
I just want to direct you to Ashley Collin's blog. She is sharing, piece by piece, the very personal story of her and her husband's journey. She writes on her blog:
During the month of November we'll share a little of our family's story- from the diagnosis of preclampsia to our days in the NICU to life at home with an ex-micro-preemie. We'll give tips on what to say to a family with an unexpected, early arrival and how you can best support them. We'll share the fear that we faced during her birth and hospitalization and the fears for complications that her prematurity could still bring. More importantly however, we'll share the amazing success and strength that Beatrice Kate has shown everyday since she was born; and how God's Grace brought us closer together as family by walking through these trials together.
It's only day two (I think) and I'm already intrigued! Her husband's also joining in on the writing, so you should definitely check her them out!

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  1. You are too sweet to link to our blog! Hopefully, our story can encourage others if they should find themselves in a similar situation and raise awareness about prematurity. It can be prevented- and the March of Dimes is fighting to make it happen!

    The NICU is a scary place- but it does get better and it absolutely strengthened our love for Jesus!


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