Sunday, March 27, 2011

One of those weeks....

Ever had one of those weeks?

You know... one of those weeks when...

You can't get anything done.
Everyone needs your help.
You need help.
The people you need help from don't help.
You get behind.
You have ephiphanies.
You get motivated.
Your to-do list grows a mile long.
You want to go a mile a minute...
but you can't.
Because your phone is so. freaking. slow.
And your computer's being stupid.
And you want to bite people's heads off.
And you want to be patient.
But you want to get things done.
But you're torn.
Because you want to help people in need.
But you have to have to have to get stuff done.
And then you either feel bad or you get further behind.
And you get too busy.
And you lose touch with people.
And you lose sleep.
And you lose patience.
And you get frustrated.
And you get discouraged.
And you want to quit.
But you can't.
Because people need help.
And you have stuff to do.
And your job is not done.
But you need a better attitude.
And more sleep.
And more time.
But you can't get more time unless you don't sleep.
And then you are so tired you don't get anything done.
So you sleep. And then you're behind.

Story of my life the past couple weeks or month or possibly even more.
So ready for May...SO ready!
I know you hear this far too often, but it's my blog & I'll say what I feel.
And this is how I feel.

But it's not May yet.
So, until it is...

I have work to do.
People to please.
& Places to be.

*47 more days!*
...& counting. :)

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  1. Yes this is the story of my life as well... except this part is sort of beginning bc of classes and the fact that it is next to impossible to get all these things accomplished when I want to sit around and be lazy on top of getting TONS of things done! You should be proud of yourself for having the will power to get you though some very difficult times in your life! Your blog is my inspiration! :)


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