Friday, April 1, 2011

Grey's is not Glee.

Two nights this week I was up until either 2:30 or 3:30 working on {that thing} so I was seriously lacking in the sleep department this week. {Again, what's new?} So last night I came home after class and after getting some stuff at the store with my RAs, and watched Grey's Anatomy. Can I just say a couple things about that??? .... Good, 'cuz I'm gonna!!

I am not a fan of Glee, because I'm not a fan of musicals. I am, however, a {big} fan of music from Grey's Anatomy. Granted,  most of the music I like from Grey's is from the first couple seasons, but, still. When I heard they were doing an episode devoted to the music of Grey's I got super excited! Then I saw the cast was going to be singing the music, and I didn't know how I felt about that, but of course I gave it a chance!

Here was the preview that got me hooked:

Looks amazing, right? RIGHT!

Ohh, about five minutes into the episode I was so over it. Of course I watched the whole thing because I had to know if Callie lived or not, but I was seriously annoyed the entire episode. ABC, you had good intentions,  but Grey's is not Glee. It was a serious let down in my opinion. They hyped it up so much & then none of the cast could really sing! Luckily Callie {or her spirit/body thing?} sang the most and she could sing the best, but still! She's an actress, not a singer. I did enjoy reminiscing past Grey's seasons with some fabulous songs, but they really didn't need to sing them! It would have been WAY better if they would have just played the music. But hey, at least Callie's still alive! Now, if we can just get that annoying Arizona out of there!

& also, I love when they bring Addison back. :)  I'm not in love with her character {or Kate Walsh in general} on Private Practice....but she always swoops in to save the day on Grey's!

Oh and HOW true is this, Grey's lovers? Tonight Alex Karev said, "She works here at Seattle Grace Mercy Death, so I’m sure she’s pretty much gonna go crazy or get cancer, shot by a gunman or hit by a truck. So, don’t get your hopes up for Karev’s big happily ever after." HAHAHAHA. HOW TRUE!

In honor of ABC's attempt at an awesome's some YouTube videos of the past Grey's songs and memorable scenes that accompany them! :) Enjoy {if you're as big of a Grey's nerd as I am}!!

Here is the music video for the Season 6 premiere after our beloved George died. GAH what an emotional couple of episodes!

This is the first episode of Grey's I ever saw. It's the "bomb" episode & it's also the episode where Dr. Bailey has a baby at the same time her husband is in surgery from a car accident he got into, on his way to the hospital! Yeah, nothing out of the Grey's norm! I think it came on after a Superbowl or something. Anyways, majorly intense episode that got me hooked!

Here's Snow Patrol's official Grey's Anatomy music video for their hit "Chasing Cars"...

And, of course, if you are a true Grey's fan, you have seen this music video by The Fray for their hit "How to Save a Life" a million times like me! ;)

I like {some of} the fan-made music videos on YouTube, but these are some of the official ones... You can't beat them!

If When Grey's goes off the air in the future, y'all might see me wondering around aimlessly on Thursday nights. Just a heads up...

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  1. I agree with all of this. I am a glee fan, but the music just didn't work grey's. I feel like all of the music was awkwardly placed which did not help. The Alex thing was hilarious and I am like you I don't love Addison on Private Practice, but love her on Grey''s weird.


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