Saturday, April 9, 2011

See ya later, Blackberry World.... make a long story short: I had a Blackberry Pearl Flip. However-many years later, it got super slow. Word on the street is that you take the battery out & put it back in to reset the thing, causing it to up it's game a bit. So, did that. Only problem was- the stupid thing didn't turn back on! I, in a panic, went to the closest Verizon store, which was a satellite store. I should've known.... I leave the place hearing that my phone has zero hope and that I can pay $50 for a brand-new, out-dated, three-year-old phone. Uh, no thank you. My friend, Yeisson, works at the "real" Verizon store (a.k.a. probably every Verizon customer in the greater Hickory area's worst nightmare). I leave the satellite store, knowing I have to buy a phone, having my heart set on an iPhone, and racing across town to the "real" store so Yeisson can sell it to me and make some commission off of it. You know, gotta help my friends out when I can. :) So, you see where this story is going. I leave the Verizon store, $220ish later, with my beloved iPhone.

I have to give myself credit because I lasted almost two months after I could have gotten an iPhone and waited until I didn't have any more options.

So. Obviously it is WAY better than the crackcrapberry I was using, but I definitely have to get used to using it. I don't know all the tricks like how to not let it autocorrect, and how to change the water drops background on the home screen, and little silly things like that.

I really want to get into using the calendar. I am just so paranoid though about my schedule(s) depending on technology. If anyone wants to give me any suggestions, I'd love to hear them! Y'all know I love my write-in planners!

I've always admired seeing funky-looking pictures that people post on Facebook from their iPhone. I asked my friend Becky what app she used for those picture effects & one of the apps she suggested was Hipstamatic. I have really enjoyed taking pictures of .. oh, ya know .. anything & everything today using this app! The only problem with it is you can't use the phone's handy dandy front camera to take pictures of yourself you & someone else. My other friend, Maggie, suggested the Camera+ I'll try that next! I haven't really played around with it...only enough to know you can use the phone's front camera with the Camera+ app. If it can get my pictures to look as good as these (below), then hey, I'll be in business. As you can see, I've just been snapping shots of whatever I can, and loving the results....
Bless This Home
Mawmaw's hot pink azaleas
Friday morning on my way to my beautiful
windmill in the garden
Mawmaw's lilacs...they smelled so good.
here is my sweet sweet grandmother :)
and here's my Pawpaw.... :-)

I said "to make a long story short" again, didn't I? My bad... :)

Send me your iPhone app suggestions!

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