Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Things I Will Not Miss Saying....{My Life as an RD}

It's almost been a month since I was a Resident Director at Lenoir-Rhyne. I miss a lot of things about the job, and the school. I loved my staff(s), my co-workers, my boss(es) and I even loved my building {that will luckily be renovated this summer} even though it's an oldie goldie. But nights like tonight, when I can take a shower and lay in bed and read a book in peace and quiet makes me reminisce on some of the funny {and some not-so-funny} things I've had to say over the last two years that I will not miss as much. ;) I've compiled a list {that may or may not be ongoing} for your entertainment.

Things I am NOT going to miss saying now that I'm no longer a Resident Director:
  • Tripp, quit blowing that horn! {I don't know why that's the 1st thing that came to my mind.}
  • Don't throw trash out of your windows.
  • Whoever's tossing water balloons out onto oncoming traffic, stop. 
  • Don't be 'that guy.'
  • Oh, stuff was stolen out of your room? Well then you probably shouldn't have left your door unlocked.
  • Lenoir-Rhyne doesn't make the alcohol drinking age 21, so don't blame Lenoir-Rhyne.
  • Just because Lenoir-Rhyne is a private school, doesn't mean it can make its own rules and legalize smoking marijuana.
  • Here's some bug spray.
  • If I have to come back again tonight, I'm gonna be pissed.
  • What are they DOING up there?!
  • The faucet drips. It can't be fixed. Consider it a noise to soothe you to sleep.
  • I can hear the person above me peeing. 
  • Are you kidding me? {In more than one reference}
  • Jacob, security does not want a copy of your transcript.
  • There's a flood on first upper. {Had to say that one a couple times too.}
  • No, I don't want to hang out. It's 3:30 in the morning. I want to sleep! 
  • Someone burnt Easy Mac and we had to evacuate the building.
  • Do you smell smoke?
  • You know I can see you hiding behind that door.
  • You know I can see you hiding behind your closet curtain.
  • You know you can't have all these animals in here.
  • Whose baby do I hear crying?
  • I know you wrote it in sidewalk chalk, but that's offensive.
  • Yes, I do think you are a chain smoker.
  • No, we can't have alcohol at our educational programs. Or our social programs.
  • Seriously, that guy gives me the creeps.
  • If you could play football for USC, then what are you doing here? Yeah, that's what I thought.
  • No, you can't have my number. 
  • Yes, my boyfriend is white. Why?
  • Seriously, twice in one weekend? 
  • I'm sorry the machine took your dollar. Find a partner and I'm turning my head for 5 seconds. If you haven't shaken the chips out of the machine by then, then you're out a dollar. Or you can go to the business office during business hours tomorrow.
  • No, you can't take the furniture from the lobby to your room.
I am sure there are more but still....that's a good bit to start the list off!! My residents were entertaining to say the least & definitely kept me on my toes! What an experience it was to be able to be an RD. :) Would recommend the job to everyone but wouldn't recommend the job to just anyone, if you know what I mean! After reading that list, you may be surprised to hear that I really will miss being an RD.


  1. Too funny! And yes, there are many more things that you will add over the next few months! If it weren't for the crazy nights and days :) peaceful nights like you are having tonight wouldn't be so enjoyable! I miss you tons!- Emma

  2. LOL. From the stories I've heard, I'm sure Tori will have some comments to add!

  3. Soo funny!! :) I loved being an RD too especially with you, Tori, and Jonathan!!! :) I miss you!

    Let's add....

    -No you can NOT keep a scorpion as a pet!
    -"That beer on my desk is not mine. Yes this is my room but I have no idea who put that beer there."
    -Yes, I saw you hide that!
    -(door wide open with beer) Did you go through my room to find this?
    -"We weren't playing beer pong....that's water in our cups!"
    -K-Lain tone it down a bit!
    -It has NEVER been cool to roll through a parking lot at 2:30 with your "beats thumping"
    -Stephen's 10 Commandments of Price Village


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