Saturday, October 8, 2011

It's Test Time Again!!!

Hey guys! I've been completely missing from the blog world lately. I hate that because blogging is something I enjoy doing.

Can I just say that when I tell people that "I blog" or that "I have a blog" they make all kinds of fun of me. Do they now knot that blogging is in?!  I've been referring to my blog a lot lately for "things from the past" so I completely feel it's necessary to continue blogging as long as I want. :)

Now, I have some BIG news!! But here's a little background first.....

As you know, I started working for Support, Incorporated in September. I interned there this summer and LOVED it. I have really been blessed to work in such a positive place. But, until I'm licensed, I'm not really qualified to do anything there. So right now I am "Clerical Support" and basically help anyone with anything that I can. At first it was kind of slow but we are a growing company & I am a busy girl now!! :)

Well, to become licensed as soon as possible, I submitted all my necessary paperwork & money by September 9th, which was the deadline to turn everything in for the OCTOBER board meeting. Why they need it 3+ weeks early, I don't know, but I didn't question it. At this time I submitted my buttload of money to the NBCC (National Board of Certified Counselors) so that I can register to take the NCE (National Counselors Examination). They said that it'd be four weeks after they get your money before they will notify you that you are able to register to take the test. SERIOUSLY. Okay, so, four weeks to the day goes by & I get an email saying it's time for me to register to take my test! I immediately do what I need to do to register, and realize that they only offer the test during the first two weeks of every month. I found out on the 7th, which means that one week has already gone by!! Holy cow... 'kay, so I said a quick prayer & hoped that there would be availability THIS month for me to take my test....otherwise I'd have to wait until NOVEMBER, just to take the stupid thing!! Not to mention that it's 4-6 weeks after you take the test that your scores are sent to the LPC (Licensed Professional Counselors) Board.

Okay so here's the BIG news....I was blessed and was able to sign up on the ONLY day left that was still available....this coming up Friday!!!! So that means I have a week (from yesterday) to study for this darn thing! That's more than double the amount of time I had to study for the CPCE (the "practice NCE" I needed to pass to enter into my internship) so, I'm trying not to freak out. But this info is less and less on my mind now that I'm out of's been 2 years since I've had some of these classes, AND it's not like 99% of the information I'll need to know for this test will ever relate to ACTUAL counseling. Pretty frustrating!

So basically, this test is a big deal! It's all that {I'm aware of that} is standing between me getting licensed as a counselor!! Why do I care so much?? Well, because while I love helping everyone out at the office doing anything I can, I can't wait to do what I actually went to school to do! I can't wait to have clients who come to therapy on a regular basis, and get to see progress from them, and know that I made a difference!! That and the fat pay raise I'm going to get AND WILL DESPERATELY NEED to begin paying off those beautiful school loans that will be due in just one short month will not hurt either!!

So with all that said, please please please pray for me that I am able to focus and devote my time to studying this week. It's all the time I have & need to use as much of it as possible. And y'all know I'm not good at studying! My ADHD will kick in so quick....this is no joke! A lot is riding on the results of this exam. And pray for me that I don't fREAk OUt remembering that all week. And Friday, pray for me that I am a good guesser...because I have a feeling I'm going to be doing a LOT of "eenie, meanie, miney, moe"-ing. :)

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