Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday I am thankful for: Girlfriends

I've really enjoyed my day. I slept in this morning, had some yummy leftovers to eat, caught up on Grey's Anatomy, and I think after that is when the cleaning fairy possessed my body. I basically took the entire refrigerator apart, washing every piece, and organized everything. A feeling of accomplishment set in after that was I headed to the bathroom to clean my shower & toilet (weird) and then put all my clothes away & did laundry. On my "day off!!" I don't know what overcame me....but it was a definite possession. A nice hot shower snapped me back into reality & my laziness kicked in while I painted my nails & watched a Lifetime movie with Mom. There are some seriously hardcore Lifetime movies coming out lately...and I must say that I don't think all the profanity is necessary, Lifetime.

Luckily, my friend Erika was free for dinner & spent probably two hours in that Mexican restaurant, just chit chatting about all things life. I sure am thankful that girl is in my life! Now here I am, with the Encyclopedia of Counseling in my bed with me, just having consumed the yummiest Reese's Blizzard from Dairy Queen, and about to start studying for my test Friday.

Y'all know I don't want to study. So I am opting to blog instead at the moment. Forgive me for being me & you can thank my talk with Erika for sparking this motivation of mine. :)

I just want to say shout from the rooftops that I am so incredibly thankful right now. I am at a point in my life where I feel like God is blessing me with amazing girlfriends. There was a time when I felt like all my girlfriends were too busy living their own life to even notice what I was going through. That's a crappy feeling, feeling like you don't have any or many girlfriends. I have "always" had my best best friends. Unfortunately my best best friends haven't lived in the same town as me since 2005. Luckily, these are relationships that have maintained and no matter how far they are, we still take time to talk, know what's going on in each others lives, and knowing we would always be there for each other if the other needed it. These are also girls that I could go months without talking to (but luckily don't) and the next time we talk, still be as close as ever. I consider these true friendships and I feel really blessed that these friendships have lasted over time, over distance, and over life circumstance!
my best best friends

Now, I have "my time in Hickory" to thank for creating some great friendships. I don't get to talk to these girls as often as I did when I lived on campus, but I still consider these girls wonderful friends and love love love catching up with them whenever I can! I also am extremely thankful to have such a lasting friendship formed with Mrs. Lindsey Jervis in the past couple years. I feel so honored to now be her children's GODMOTHER! Unfortunately I no longer live in the same city as any of my Hickory girlfriends or Lindsey. :( Stupid distance! Thank God for cell phones & Facebook!

But since I've moved home, I've got to grow friendships with some pretty awesome ladies. I really have Group 212 to thank for that mostly. I love making friends at church because you know that you are both there for a common goal and don't have to worry about those friends putting into tempting situations or surrounding you with negativity. I've really enjoyed getting to know these girls better and spending more time with them. It always seems like we have a good time, no matter if we're out doing something or if we're standing in some parking lot talking!
my girls

Now, last but certainly not least, I am feeling the love that I am surrounded with on a DAILY basis! I love my co-workers. I unfortunately don't have any pictures with them....yet! ;) They are so encouraging, positive, uplifting, helpful, and hilarious!! A great combo to have in someone you will spend most of your time during most of your days with. I am realizing more and more lately that great co-workers are hard to come by, and that just makes me feel more and more blessed!!

THANK YOU LORD for surrounding me with those who lift me higher :)
You know I need it bad
and You always give me what I need.


  1. what a beautiful picture of you, Tori, and Maria. As you grow older, you will continue to find that God truly blesses you with the exact friends you need - and then He will amaze you with a few friends who literally become a part of you. Words will not even be able to express the blessing they will be for you. Praying that you rock that test!
    Teresa (a.k.a. Tori's mom) :)

  2. You are so right! Thank you Teresa :)


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