Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My new favorite..... Once Upon A Time!!!

So, ALEX of all people convinced me to watch this new show that's on TV. I saw the previews a while back & thought it looked like something I'd definitely be interested in. I mean, it involves fairy tale characters!! But, I just didn't allow time in my schedule to watch yet another show, so, I just never got into it. Every Sunday for the past four Sundays I'd see people on Twitter & on Facebook talking about how much they loved the show, but I just added that to the list of shows that everyone else in the world watches.

Well, Alex, not working, apparently watches a lot of TV during the day. He had watched the first THREE episodes of Once Upon A Time and DID NOT TELL ME! The shock! Haha... He probably didn't want to admit he was watches shows about fairy tale characters, but, that cat's out of the bag now! ;) But, he wanted me to watch it too, so we watched two episodes last night & I. AM. HOOKED!

I've told my mom, grandmother, friend Caroline, friend Lindsey, and friend Ashley about it in less than 24 hours!! Haha.... Can you tell I love it yet?

But anyways, if you haven't watched it yet then get to it!! It's beyond fabulous & it's not a "girly" show AT ALL boys!! It's got all that cool mythical boy crap in it to keep you boys in suspense while us girls look at all the cool details that correlate with the Disney movies. :)

If you've seen this, let's talk about it. I hate when I love something & have no one to talk to about it. Don't you??

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