Sunday, March 11, 2012

Momma got an iPhone! (Part 1)

So Momma got a new iPhone today.  She went from a flip phone to an iPhone & was always "this person" when it came to iPhones:

In the first hour of teaching from the ground up all about iPhones, I got the following funny quotes/scenarios from my mom:
  • "What is this watery stuff? Why is it there?" (Referring to the generic background)
  • "Why are these buttons jiggling?"
  • Me: "Mom, they're asking for your security code."
    Mom: "Why?!?! That is my personal information! It's ****."
    Me: "OMG Mom! Not your Pin Number!!
  •  "Does IMDB have to be capitalized?"
  • "It says I have six 'inboxes'."
  • "What is that sound?"
  •  Then she focused for a really long time on her new alarm sound.
    Me: "Mom, can we move on?"
    (She picks the alarm that sounds like a nuclear bomb is headed our way. That'll sound nice in the mornings.)
  • I told Mom to search for the BB&T app.
    [5 minutes later...] Mom: "Dream car??"
    Me: "What??"
    Mom: "It's asking me what my dream car is."
    Me: "I don't know what your dream car is, Mom!!"
Then she ended it with a, "This is fun!!" 

It's so funny and a little frustrating to teach "the older generation" current technology but I admire her for trying! She'll get the hang of it soon, hopefully. I just warned her that she can not text and drive using her iPhone.  ;) 

I'm sure I'll be updating this in the future.  :) Until then....

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  1. That is too funny! You guys sound like Shannon and I when I got my iPhone. LoL He had a droid and I had an ancient flip phone and refused to upgrade but when we got our plan at AT&T I had no choice. It took me forever to figure out how to use the dang thing! I guess it's not just the older generation! :-)


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