Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Current Favorites

Oh, you know.... took a nap after work & am up at 2:00 AM for the first time in forever.  That nap was much needed but now I'm realizing it may not have been my *best* idea.

So, why not share with you some of my current favorite things?? :-)

::: My new Thirty-One bag :::
 I lucked out & got this yellow monogramming before they retired that color. Why in the world they would retire this pretty gold color is beyond me. And I think they retired this print too!! Crazy!! But, this is 31's Retro Metro bag, and it is the best for carrying all my books and folders and crap to work & back every day!! The ONLY thing it lacks is a sturdy bottom. But, I'm going to carry this thing until it falls apart...and so far, it's handling this heavy load PRETTY darn well if I do say so myself.

::: Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara :::
I {still} LOVE this mascara.  When I began selling Mary Kay, I began using their Ultimate Mascara.  It was my new favorite mascara. Then Mary Kay came out with Lash Love Mascara, and I have not used their Ultimate Mascara since! {No offense, Ultimate!} This stuff gets the exact effect I was looking for in a mascara.  My lashes are darker, thicker, longer looking, and not clumpy! I'll be honest... I would absolutely not recommend the I♥BROWNshade because it is the lightest brown shade of mascara I've ever seen! I would only recommend that if your eyelashes are whiteish blonde & you're not looking for the blacker than black mascara look. BUT- if you want a fabulous mascara, the I♥BLACK of Mary Kay's Lash Love Mascara is a win!!!

::: My Caboodles Neat Freak Grande Train Case :::
 The black faux leather case has just enough room for now to hold my cosmetics! I got it at Ulta and it was on sale for $36 instead of $48! I love me a sale, especially on things I searched EVERYWHERE for!

::: Special K Caramel Chocolate Protein Meal Bars :::

Enough said.
 ::: New Girl on Fox :::
This seriously is one of the funniest shows on TV right now! I love watching it & haven't missed an episode. Alex tries to act all big & bad, acting like he doesn't love the show, but he sure does "LOL" right beside me every week. And Schmidt and Jess are SO going to be TV's favorite couple in the future. Who's with me???

::: K-Love Radio :::
94.1 from Charlotte, NC is such a... "positive and encouraging" radio station (no really, it is).  Some of the DJs are a little corny, but what are ya gonna do/say on a Christian radio station?? I love hearing the stories about how K-Love has helped bring people to Jesus!! And I am always loving their song choice!! Check out the channel on your I Heart Radio app if you aren't in the Charlotte, NC area, plus it doesn't have all the commercials.

Alright, I think those are random enough for ya! Just a few of my current favorites! Nothing totally original, off the wall, or super interesting, but- that's me. :-)


  1. I like Nick and Jess together!

  2. So I am so happy I read this! I've been trying to find a good mascara and it's been so hard. Do you still sell Mary Kay? Since I had DeAndre, my eyelashes have thinned out and have gotten shorter. It's crazy!

    1. Browse !! Let me know what you want to order. The Lash Love is a must-have!! I made my own before & after pics.. Coming soon!!


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