Sunday, June 17, 2012

30 Blogs in 30 Days: Day 7: My Dream Job

Day 7 of 30 Blogs in 30 Days {Which should be called 30 blogs in 100+ days as slow as I'm going...} has me tell all about my dream job! This is ironic because I've been talking about my dream job here & there for a couple weeks now to various individuals.

I will say that. I am on my way to working at my dream job. {So far} As of right now, I think my dream job would be to do counseling of some type.  I would love to work in a hospital one day, counseling individuals dealing with adjustments of various kinds, or family members of patients.

Call me lazy if you want, but I would love love love LOVE to not have to work an 8-5 five days a week. That's probably my dream. I would love to have some down time in a week to not have to rush, to be able to space my to-do list out, or you know, a day to sleep in. ;) But if I 110% loved what I was doing, it wouldn't feel like work, and I don't know if I'd mind working 40+ hours a week.

I think my dream job would be able to schedule clients according to MY schedule, have them come see me in MY office, and to make enough money to be able to pay my student loans off A-S-A-P!

Is that too much to ask??

For now, I'm a provisionally licensed therapist. I have another 2ish years left to be supervised once a week. I can't wait to be a fully licensed therapist. For one, I'll be able to bill more insurances, and so many more doors will open for me. My company is growing so darn fast, so I'm sure there will be something of interest for me to do down the road. Until then, I'm just so glad I have the opportunity to do therapy before I'm fully licensed. I love my clients and love having the chance to gain the experience I need and to learn more and more every day.

Hopefully this Fall I'll get to start something different. That's the plan, but we'll see. I think I'll like what I'll {hopefully} be doing then. I love the company I work for so I'm very lucky to be able to have done {now} four different positions in the company, even since I've started in September. I'm just happy not having to do something I don't like doing. :)

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